More Than a Pretty Face – Teeth Straightening Benefits That Go Beyond a Smile You Love

Everyone knows teeth straightening is a great solution for adults and teens looking to improve their smile. In many cases (every situation is different), people who choose to straighten their teeth can start seeing results in a couple weeks.

Many people don't realize that there are many benefits to straightening your teeth beyond just an improved smile. Aligning your teeth can be a good strategy for improving your confidence, oral health, and overall health.

Straightened Teeth Can Help You Speak with Confidence and Clarity

When your teeth are out of alignment, it can cause a wide range of problems associated with speech, including lisping, slurring, and difficulty pronouncing certain words. This can impact your ability to communicate and, by extension, build relationships and achieve personal and professional success.

Improved speech can make a huge difference in everyday life, from connecting to coworkers to socializing with friends and family. In some cases, straightening your teeth help correct the positioning of the teeth to tongue and lips that causes these issues. This makes it easier to speak more clearly and, in turn, communicate more effectively.

Straighter Teeth Can Help Fight Against Bad Breath, Tooth Decay, and Gum Disease

When teeth are misaligned, harmful plaque and bacteria can accumulate in your mouth. This can lead to bad breath, tooth decay, tooth loss, and gum disease. These conditions are often painful and expensive to treat. When teeth are correctly aligned, they are easier to clean, and your oral hygiene routine can be more effective. In some cases, treating the recurring dental issues that can come from misaligned teeth can be more expensive than straightening them out.

Not Just Oral Health, But Better Health Overall

Misaligned teeth can impact chewing and digestion. Studies have shown that misaligned teeth can significantly impact your ability to chew.1

In some cases, misaligned teeth can cause chronic jaw pain by trapping food between teeth and causing your jaw to shift.2 With the numerous health and chewing benefits of straightening your teeth, it's certainly worth considering so you can eat all your favorite foods.

Talk To Your Orthodontist to Learn More

The best way to learn how teeth straightening can impact your health, confidence, and self-esteem (not to mention your smile) is to reach out and talk to your orthodontist. They can review your situation, explain various treatment options, and help devise the best plan for you.

Ready to start your Invisalign journey?

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Ready to start your Invisalign journey?

Discover if smile treatment is right for you.

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