Invisalign® Virtual Care

Invisalign Virtual Care is a solution that allows doctors to virtually monitor Invisalign treatment between in-office visits by reviewing photos submitted by a patient through the My Invisalign app.

How does Invisalign Virtual Care work?

Patients on the My Invisalign mobile app:
  • Take and send treatment progress photos, questions and comments to the practice.
  • Receive treatment progress feedback from the practice.
Practices on the Invisalign Doctor Site:
  • Review photos from patient to assess treatment tracking.
  • Send treatment progress feedback to patients.
When needed, schedule a virtual appointment for a live interaction with the patient.

*Not a replacement for all office visits. For example, an in-office examination of the patient is still required to make a final determination regarding treatment eligibility prior to prescribing the patient with an Invisalign treatment, to deliver the Invisalign aligners to the patient, to provide treatments involving IPR and attachments, and the like.

Getting started

Visit the Virtual Care page on the Invisalign Doctor Site and accept terms & conditions.

Remote patient monitoring

Your experience as an Invisalign Virtual Care provider includes:

Step One

Review progress photos submitted through the patient‘s My Invisalign app.

Step Two

Provide treatment feedback directly sent to the patient’s My Invisalign app.

Step Three

Schedule Virtual Appointments as needed.

Your patient's Virtual Care experience

  • The Virtual Care patient list on the Invisalign Doctor Site provides an overview of each patient’s treatment progress submissions.
  • Click on a patient’s Virtual Care patient record to view submitted photos, assess progress and send progress feedback.
  • Visit the Virtual Care resources page for additional practice and patient resources.

Your patient's Virtual Care experience

  • Invited patients need to set up a patient account on the My Invisalign app on their smartphone and accept the terms & conditions on the My Care page in the app to get started with Virtual Care.
  • With each aligner change, your patient will be prompted to submit progress photos and comments.
  • Each patient will receive feedback on their treatment progress from your practice in the app.

Learn more about the My Invisalign app.

Provide care from anywhere.

Connect with your patients – virtually

With Invisalign Virtual Appointment, practices can quickly and easily set-up a virtual face-to-face appointment with patients.