Support for every part of your practice.

In addition to being the world’s most advanced clear alignment system, Invisalign® is a trusted partner in growing your practice and helping you succeed.

Consumer Awareness

More than 50% of prospective adult orthodontic patients request Invisalign treatment by name.1 We’ve invested $150M in advertising — from social media presences to NFL sponsorships — to raise public awareness and demand while reinforcing the doctor-patient relationship.

Smile Concierge Team

The patient concierge team helps consumers who have completed a smile assessment at to schedule appointments with Invisalign providers of their choice, in their area.

In-office marketing

In addition to investing in consumer marketing programs to drive patients to your office, we offer in-office marketing materials to help spark interest and conversations about the Invisalign system. Customizable brochures, posters, videos and more all support consumer conversion along every step of the patient’s journey.

Give your patients payment options.

LendingPoint patient financing allows you and your team to offer the robust and comprehensive financing that consumers expect. With options for no down payment and low monthly payments, your prospective patients have another reason to smile. Plus, our “white glove” implementation service can help make getting started with LendingPoint smooth.

1 Data on file at Align Technology, as of July 15th, 2017. Based on a survey by Hawk Research, Invisalign providers who started at least 1 adult Invisalign case in an average month, were asked: Of the patients that you see in the following age groups, what percent request Invisalign? (USA n= 337). Doctors were paid an honorarium for their time.

2 Based on a sample size of 31 orthodontic practices (from Belgium, France, Japan, Malaysia Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, UAE, UK, and US) with an average of 6 months in the ADAPT service. Total case profit increase is an estimate based upon the average increase in total case starts (W&B and Invisalign) and the average proportional increase in Invisalign case starts, comparing pre and post ADAPT data with the following assumptions: Wire and brackets (W&B) ASP = $5000 and W&B lab fee = $300; Invisalign ASP = $6000 and Invisalign lab fee= $1256. Total case profit means the total revenue of all case starts minus the total lab fee costs and does not include other expenses. Pre-ADAPT periods were normalized at practice level based on practice's tenure in the ADAPT service to account for seasonal adjustment.