ClinCheck Pro® 6.0

Clinical education and insights to help you better understand the features of ClinCheck Pro 6.0.

ClinCheck Pro 6.0 User Guide

This comprehensive instructional guide was designed to offer a better understanding of ClinCheck Pro 6.0 and its features

Using 3D Controls and ClinCheck Live Update allows doctors to make treatment modifications and approve plans in real time.

Now doctors can modify and approve treatment plans themselves in minutes.

This can reduce the time-consuming back-and-forth with the Align technician.

Learn more about each 3D Controls tool in
ClinCheck Pro 6.0 with these short tutorial videos

Tooth Adjustment

This 3D Controls tool allows you to position a tooth more precisely.

Attachments and Precision Cuts

This 3D Controls tool allows you to add and remove conventional attachments and precision cuts and more.

IPR and Spacing

This 3D Controls tool gives you auto and manual options with adding IPR and spacing.

Mesial-Distal Adjustment Tool

This 3D Controls tool shows you how to make a mesial-distal adjustment.

Occlusal Contacts

This 3D Controls tool allows you to identify all inter-arch occlusal contacts and resolve heavy occlusal contacts directly on the 3D model.

A-P and Midline Correction

This 3D Controls tool allows you to make mesial and distal adjustments for A-P correction and shifting of midlines.

Arch Shape Tool

Use the arch shape tool to modify the upper and lower arch shape

Learn how to modify your patients treatment plans with this step by step walkthrough of 3D Controls

Dr. William J. Kottemann, DDS

Providers share their experiences with using 3D Controls

I liked 3D controls from the start. I felt like I was free to do whatever I wanted.

Dr. Mark H. Holt, DDS, MS

I believe every doctor should be using the 3D controls to set up their cases. It allows us to sign our work.

Dr. J. Don Spillers, Jr., DMD, MS

By developing a system, I became efficient enough to run through a review and make modifications with 3D controls within minutes.

Dr. Brian D. Amy, DDS, MS

We have found that using 3D controls is not only faster for the doctor and the ClinCheck assistant, but also more accurate

Dr. Zachary Casagrande, DMD, MS

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1. Compatible with iPad only. The software is not supported on Android tablets at this time.

For professional dental use only—Rx only. In rare cases, allergic reactions can occur.

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