Steps to Straight Teeth 

Choosing Invisalign® is an important decision worthy of careful consideration. Before you even begin treatment, we suggest you take the time to follow these five steps. The more time and thought you put into making your decision, the more confident you'll feel that Invisalign is the right choice.


Smile Assessment Take the Smile Assessment

This first step is a quick and easy way to gauge whether or not Invisalign will fit your needs. Once completed, you'll receive detailed results on whether or not you're a candidate, based on the answers you provided. The best part is that it’s free and can be taken in just a few minutes by clicking here. If you've already taken the Smile Assessment and have determined that Invisalign is right for you, you're ready to move on to Step 2.

Locate Dentist or Orthodontist Locate Invisalign Doctors in Your Area

Simply type in your location to find Invisalign-trained doctors in your area. Not all doctors are the same, so we've made it easy for you to find doctors with high levels of Invisalign treatment experience. Looking for an Invisalign doctor for your teen? We've also highlighted Invisalign Teen providers — these are providers with specific experience treating teen cases with Invisalign.

Schedule Consultation Do Your Research, and Schedule a Consultation

Once you find potential doctors in your area, you might want to do a bit of online or word-of-mouth research before you contact them and schedule a consultation. This, along with a face-to-face meeting, is the best way to determine which doctor is the right match for your needs. Find out if they offer a free consultation. Many doctors now offer this service. You may even want to bring a printout of your Smile Assessment results so that you can discuss more details about your specific case. You can also go over any questions you may have or further detail you may need. Please refer to our FAQs and Questions for Your Doctor sections for topic suggestions.

You'll find that each doctor may vary when it comes to pricing, patient interaction and treatment recommendations. Meeting with more than one doctor increases the likelihood of finding one you feel most comfortable with.

Choose Invisalign Doctor Choose the Doctor That Best Fits Your Needs

You might form a rapport with the first doctor you meet and decide that he or she is the right choice for you. Or you may decide to meet with a few more. Either way, you are the one who ultimately decides which doctor works best with your circumstances. Once you find the right doctor and make your choice, you've taken that first step toward actually starting treatment.

Starting Invisalign Treatment Begin Treatment

Now that you've chosen your doctor, he or she will be able to answer any additional questions you may have before starting treatment. At this stage, your doctor will map out a detailed treatment plan with your goals in mind. An exciting part of Invisalign's technology is that, once your doctor takes impressions and molds of your teeth, he'll be able to show you a virtual representation of how your teeth will move during treatment. You can learn more about the entire treatment process by visiting the Invisalign Treatment Process page.