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Invisalign Teen Provider
Invisalign Teen® Providers are leading Invisalign providers who have a proven track record of successfully treating teenage patients with Invisalign Teen.
Invisalign Providers
  The Invisalign designations (e.g., Invisalign Elite Preferred, Invisalign Premier Preferred, etc.) are based primarily on the historical number of patients that a dentist or orthodontist has successfully treated with Invisalign.
Elite Preferred Provider Preferred Provider
Premier Preferred Provider General Providers
Top 1% of North America
Invisalign Providers
This provider offers iTero® impressionless scanning;
no more trays and putty impressions.

Dentists and orthodontists listed on "Find A Doctor" are licensed dental professionals who provide independent medical advice and services. These individuals are not employed by Align Technology and have not paid Align a fee to be listed. Doctors who fail to remain in good standing with Align, as solely determined by Align, may be dropped from the Find A Doctor feature.

The Find A Doctor feature is designed to assist you in locating a dentist or orthodontist in your particular ZIP code who could provide you with an initial Invisalign consultation. The information provided by each doctor is not reviewed by Align for accuracy or completeness. It is your responsibility to independently determine if a particular provider is right for you. Align makes no guarantee or assurance of any particular treatment outcome or that you will be an eligible candidate for Invisalign treatment. Only a licensed dental professional who has completed Invisalign training is qualified to determine if Invisalign treatment is right for you.

Invisalign provider status denotes that a dentist or orthodontist has completed the training course offered by Align Technology, Inc., which is necessary to enable him/her to begin treating patients with the Invisalign system. The Invisalign Advantage program designations (e.g., Premier Provider and Premier Provider Elite) are primarily based on the relative number of historical Invisalign cases a dentist or orthodontist has submitted. Where multiple Invisalign providers are associated with a single combined practice, the Invisalign Advantage program designation reflects that of the dentist or orthodontist with the most Invisalign cases submitted. Please ask about the individual Invisalign experience of any doctor you consider. Invisalign Provider status and Invisalign Advantage program designations are not recognized as specialty areas by the American Dental Association or any state dental board.

The order of appearance of an Invisalign Provider with a ZIP code or address search is primarily based on the historical number of Invisalign cases a provider has submitted, and geographic proximity to the address input. The doctor list is not exhaustive, and there may be other Invisalign-trained dentists or orthodontists in your zip code or area.